*patiently waiting on the boy of my dreams to come thru*

N for the girls im tired of seeing the same high waisted Charlotte russe skinny jeans

😂😂😂 im exaggerating but you would get play 👏👏😏😏 @Imjustdobie

@Imjustdobie BYE you would get molested in these streets tall skinny can dress personality on point cute .
And you have grills yooo psl girls would go wild

friendly reminder: im that nigga


People be ass you get upset with me because YOU fucked up

I just be chillin, you know?

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You have to be funny you cant just be cute. Cute not gonna entertain me



Yes theres such thing as too big and please stay the fuck away from me 😂✋

LMAO What this mean?

Its means what you think it means